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Nokias were the best-selling mobiles for 14 whole years until 2012, and many of us will still think fondly on our first Nokia. Surprisingly, the Finnish company has been around since 1871 (not making mobiles, of course, but other electricals) and so has been heavily involved with mobile phone technology from the start. In fact, the phone Neo receives in the 1997 film The Matrix is also a Nokia.

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Nokia Lumia 820 Refurbished Refurbished

Lumia 820

This dual-core Windows Phone 8 cameraphone is more than powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it. Plus, it's one of the cheapest 4G phones around.

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The Refurbished Nokia Lumia 920 on O2

Lumia 920

The top dog of the Lumia series, the refurbished O2 Nokia Lumia 920 has a whole range of things going for it, from the Carl Zeiss camera tech to the bright and engaging Windows operating system.  

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Nokia rose to prominence in the mobile sector with the launch of the Nokia 1100, the best selling mobile phone of all time. In fact, from 1998 to 2012, Nokia was the largest vendor of mobiles in the entire world. Such wide-reaching sales have enabled them to become a household name due to the reliability and affordability of these early handsets. Currently, partnered with Microsoft, Nokia are aiming at both ends of the market, with their Symbian OS-powered phones catering to the feature phone audience and the Windows Phone 8-based Lumia-series to the high-end smartphone user.