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What is the difference between a ‘Refurbished’ and a ‘Clearance’ phone?

Our refurbished phones are handsets that have been brought back within the returns period.  They are thoroughly checked, repaired if necessary, and have all been rigorously tested to ensure that they are restored to their original state at purchase – so you shouldn’t notice the difference at all.

Our clearance phones are brand new unopened handsets that are either in an end of line sale or part of a surplus of stock. All our phones are clearly marked as either clearance or refurbished, so you will know whether you are buying a totally new phone or a refurbished model.


Can I keep my number if I switch to O2?

Yes, it couldn't be easier to keep your number if you're switching over to O2. All you need is to request a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) from your old network, which you can do by calling their customer services. If you call O2's customer services team within 30 days of your new phone arriving and have your PAC code to hand, they will take your details and sort out the transfer process for you, which shouldn't take more than a couple of days.


What will I get in the box?

All refurbished phones are packaged with at least a battery and a UK mains charger. You’ll also get either the manufacturer’s user guide or an O2 guide to downloading it online from O2's Mobile Guide.

It is possible that you may receive additional items, depending on the technical specifications of the handset, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Software, data cables, hands free kits and other accessories are not normally included with O2 refurbished phones.


When will my phone be delivered?

If you place your order before 4pm then you will usually receive your phone the following working day, just like you would if you were buying a new non-sale phone.

Depending on stock levels, some items might end up taking slightly little longer. If this is the case, O2 will email you to let you know if your order has been delayed.

Phones are delivered by courier, so you will need to be available to accept the delivery. If no one is available to accept delivery at the address you specified, a card will be left with details to organise redelivery of your order, or where you can collect it from.

To protect you from fraud, the delivery address match the address to which the payment card is registered.


Why was my phone returned?

The phones may have been returned for a number of reasons. Often it is due to a customer changing their mind after purchase, wanting to swap it for a different model, or due to a fault in the phone.


Has my refurbished phone been used?

In all likelihood, yes, the phone will have been switched on and used to some degree. However, all phones are wiped of personal content that might have been saved to it, repaired if necessary, rigorously tested and are ‘as new’ when they hit the shelves again.


Am I covered by any warranty?

Yes, all refurbished Apple phones come with the same 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, and all other manufacturers offer a 3 month warranty.


Am I covered by the same returns policy?

Yes, the returns policy on our clearance and refurbished phones are just the same as for regular handsets.

If you change your mind about your new phone: you can choose to swap it or get your money back within 7 days of purchase.

If there’s a fault with your new phone: then O2 will either replace it or refund the full cost, as long as it’s within the first 28 days of purchase. After this time, you will have to send it back to O2, who will try and repair it.


Am I covered by the same terms and conditions?

Yes, the terms and conditions on refurbished and clearance handsets are exactly the same as for all phones.