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Samsung have really blazed a trail in the mobile world. The exceptional build quality of their handsets has catapulted them to the number one spot for sales, with nearly a quarter of all phones being labelled as Samsung devices. The Galaxy S-series remains the top Android device for many users and have been embraced by critics and users alike as some of the best phones available.

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Samsung Galaxy Music  Clearance

Galaxy Music

With Samsung's integrated Music Hub and a dedicated music button, this is the perfect small smartphone for music lovers.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Ceramic White Refurbished Refurbished

Galaxy S3 Mini

Modern smartphone power in a more compact frame. Sporting a sharp 4" display, advanced features and the latest version of Android, this is the future of smartphone technology.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Pebble Blue Refurbished Refurbished

Galaxy S3 Mini

This is a feature packed little smartphone that looks great and performs just as well. Now featuring contactless technology, you get even more bang for your buck.

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Samsung has a history dating back to before the Second World War and has been cited as one of the major players in the economic miracle of South Korea. In terms of consumer electronics, they are not only one of the largest producers of mobile phones in the world, but they also hold major positions in the tablet, television and camera businesses. It was the incredible success of the S-series that propelled Samsung into the eyes of most smartphone users however and that made them the well-respected household brand that they are today. With an outlook based on innovation and quality, products such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S3 have consistently demonstrated a good marriage between function and beauty.